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About Charis Church

Barry Manson: Pastor

Barry is the Pastor of Charis Church International and obtained his ordination credentials in ministry from and New Life City Albuquerque in the USA.
He holds a Masters (with distinction) degree in Theology along with over thirty years ministry experience beginning with a missionary ministry in Holland and India before establishing his first church in UK in 1983.
Barry is married to Linda who brings the gift of wisdom and pastoral care to the church.

Our Vision

Giving to Charis

About our name & logo

Charis (Karis) = Grace

Charis is that wonderful New Testament Greek word for GRACE which reveals the loving, kind, generous attitude of God toward humanity, which simply means people like us! That He loves us unconditionally, sees past our weaknesses, and wants to make us into whole and healthy people.

We believe  that Jesus enables and empowers us to reign in life ( John 10.10; Rom 5.17 ). That no one has fallen too far not to be picked up and made brand new by the supernatural power of Jesus ( Luke 15.11 ).

We want to partner with you in discovering the new life and destiny Jesus wants to bring you into.

The symbol used in the logo is a variation of the triquetra (from a Latin word meaning "three-cornered") It is an ancient symbol for the Trinity. Its design uses three interwoven arcs, distinct yet equal and inseparable, symbolizing that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are three distinct yet equal Persons and indivisibly One God. It is also suggested that the design is based on the sign of the fish known to be used by early Christians. A version of the triquetra can also found printed on the spine of all New King James Version (NKJV) Bibles. It can also be found in the architecture and stained glass windows of many historical churches.


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